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Pour the coffee grounds into the Aeropress, then place it on top of an empty mug. Just like the Standard Method section, the final recipe in this category is an average of all the recipes combined. Carefully put ground coffee into Aeropress lower receiver. Set your AeroPress on your favorite mug and on top of your gram scale. After 1.15 min turn and press – gently for approx 30 sec. With this Aeropress brewing style, you receive a wonderful slightly intenser 240g cup of coffee, that will go after the extremes of a coffee as you will lose some of the balance or mellow tones.”, “We really enjoy any lighter fruit forward coffees in this style of Aeropress brewing.”. Flip Aeropress onto cup and plunge for 30 seconds, Add 100 g of water at 205F for 30 seconds and stir, Add the rest of the water (100g) and place the cap on the Aeropress. With a little modification to the ratio. If you don’t want to try all 66 recipes, then simply follow along on Instagram and try the recipes that sound best to you. Measure out 17 grams of coffee (well, specifically this Kenya…) and grind coarsely, bit coarser than paper filter at the very last moment. We created an average recipe for the French Press with amazing results, so we wanted to test this method out with the Aeropress. 5 Halloween Coffee Recipes to Try by Joe DuCard; Oct 14, 2020 ; Autumn is the season of alluring, hot drinks, and with Halloween just around the corner, AeroPress UK is set to inspire you into creating some delicious treats! Place the plunger on top, and plunge after 3 more minutes of brewing. The Standard method starts with the Aeropress sitting on top of a cup with the filter cap and paper filter in place. 30 sec), then stir the coffee for it to begin settling. One plunger of water (poured aggressively), Boil the water (so it is 80°C when you pour it over the coffee), Grind the coffee, slightly finer than filter grind (20 grams), AeroPress inverted and soak the filter paper with hot water, Put in the coffee and pour the 80°C water over it, almost to the top, Heat the cup, and then slowly push the coffee in the cup – stop before you hear the air, 18 grams of coffee ground a little coarser than filter (3.25 in the Brew Bar). The barista then inserts the plunger and presses the contents through the filter and into the cup below. You can even use your Aeropress to make iced coffee. If you continue to use this site, we will assume that you consent to the use of such cookies. Follow our tips and ideas to get the best cold brew and iced coffee. "We find that extraction is higher (19-22% EXT) without over extracting. We've aggregated the winning recipe from each competition year since 2009, so grab your Moustache Coffee Club beans and get to brewing! Volume of coffee: 20 grams. The scale total should now read 109g. But truly, the dreamiest thing about the AeroPress is that, using this far-flung invention, you can brew a single cup of iced coffee in less than three minutes. Circulate water and grounds with a jug underneath, ensuring grounds are wet. A classic cut for us; a lot for a 20cl (200ml) drink maybe. And most house espressos.”, “Super full-bodied, but balanced with the aromatic acids and sugars. Go for a nice clean washed Ethiopian or a Kenyan. We often see an uncontrolled blooming while pouring too much water too fast. Rinse the filter, coffee goes in, pour the water in and make sure the grounds are saturated. 65 passionate AeroPress enthusiasts who triumphed in their countries' national championships competed in the 12 th annual World AeroPress Championship in London to create the world’s best cup of coffee using their favorite brewing method: the AeroPress. Zero your scale. After 45 seconds, flip and plunge for 30–45 seconds. We pour the water very slow and keep on rotating the base to make sure all coffee grounds brews well. Be sure to follow along on Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook for even more deliciousness! When brewed as espresso that coffee is more of an intense Orange and Chocolate, as you lose some of that balance with the melon that helps bring down some of that sharpness. As pouring device we went for the Buono kettle. 2019 World Aeropress Champion - Wendelien van Bunnik - The Netherlands. 6: Wait until 1.15 min. Coffees with these flavor characteristics can come from anywhere in the world, but most are associated with coffee from east African countries like Ethiopia and Kenya, as well as “natural” processed coffees. Stir North-to-South five times and East-to-West five times and cap with plunger. One of the most amazing things to grow out of the Aeropress craze is a series of international events where coffee geeks go head-to-head to see who can brew the best Aeropress coffee. Try out each inverted recipe and then compare to the average. Add 100g of water, set plunger to stop dripping and let sit for 1:00 minute. ** Extra Rimini beach version: plunge in a superchilled container, on ice if possible. Some people, including the creators of the Aeropress, refer to the Aeropress as an “espresso maker”. These 10 Aeropress recipes have a lower water-to-coffee ratio than recipes for bright and fruity coffees, meaning they use more coffee and create stronger cups that punctuate a good chocolatey coffee. 20 grams is ground in a stainless steel cup (this is non static, except for the lightest of ground!!) Roll all five dice at once and get a randomised recipe for how to brew.” - … He went for something in the middle. Fresh Roasted Coffee AeroPress Coffee Maker 176 Degree Hot Water Burr Coffee Grinder Kitchen Scale The fun is about to begin. F. About. Start by brewing the coffee or espresso and pour it into a cup. Insulate with a beer cozy. Add 75g water to the brewed concentrate, “Complex balanced with mouth feel that metal filters allow to come through”, “My go to brewing method on sourcing trips every origin & process. By this time all coffee is well agitated and it’s time to invert the AeroPress for pressing. Pour in remaining water. Wait for the bloom or "mushroom cloud" to dissipate (which is approx. Author: Franco Salzillo Updated: September 21, 2020 How to Make Great AeroPress Espresso. It is the perfect late afternoon coffee for me during the hot Southern months.”, “I really like using a Kenyan with this recipe. We made a video on this, and added the video transcript below. The AeroPress is a darling among coffee enthusiasts everywhere, and for good reason. Add your 18g of coffee to your inverted AeroPress; Add 90ml of hot water. Balance.”, “Washed Central/South Americans, but Naturals / East Africans work well too, when adjusting the brew time.”. 30 sec). This video doesn't include a recipe, but it's still really cool. Attach plunger to brewing chamber, lining up plunger with the top of the number 4, Heat up brewer, place and wet paper filter, grind coffee, Using Aeropress funnel, load coffee into brewing chamber (balanced on top of plunger), Then place funnel on decanter (mug, chemex, range server, etc), Using a gooseneck kettle if available, pour about 1/3 of brewing water slowly onto coffee bed, wait a few seconds and stir 3 times. Making a coffee with Aeropress isn’t something that’s hard to learn, even though it might seem like a lot to learn at first. Cloth filter is my favorite! When hot coffee hits the ice in the cup, it cools immediately, trapping the volatile aromas in your drink. About half of all Aeropress champions from around the world have opted for the inverted method, so these recipes are definitely worth your time. Put the now near-boiling water in aeropress, being careful not to fill it so high that it will spill or … I find that this method is good for showing off sweetness and balance in the cup.”, “Most coffees work well in this method. The intensity is somewhere between that of a pour-over and an espresso, with a clean finish and a bright body.”, “Anything! Inverted recipes are covered in the next section. Bloom the coffee with 30g of 199 degree water for 25 seconds, Add an additional 190g of water for a total of 220g, Stir at 45 seconds and 1:25 plunge for 30 seconds at the 1:30 mark, First bloom coffee for 45 seconds with 40g of water, Gently stir slurry and press at 2 min 45 sec, Add water to soak grinds in 30 seconds and stir. Even if you cannot make a perfect espresso with the AeroPress, try the recipe above, or … If you’re not a planner (like me), this barrier makes it difficult to have cold brew on a regular basis. Instead of being a recipe from a member of the coffee community, it’s the average of all the recipes combined. Pour the coffee grounds into the Aeropress, and tamp the grounds lightly with a cocktail muddler. My personal preference is a single origin that is flavorful at a City+ to Full City. This produces a cup free of sediment that highlights nuanced flavors within the coffee, while maintaining a silky body.”, “Medium to light roast coffee from all growing regions.”, “Any! Recipes The AeroPress is so versatile, it really lends itself to experimentation. Once again, invert your AeroPress. Wait until the clock reads 50 seconds and then slowly and carefully flip the AeroPress back upright. We’re lucky to have several Aeropress champions in the Handground coffee community who were awesome enough to share their recipess. All you need to do is start with about 15-20 grams of ground coffee, and make sure you use 15-20 grams of coffee to 250 grams of water ratio. Like most Aeropress cups, this is full bodied. There’s an Aeropress recipe for that.In the mood for an iced coffee with an extra kick of flavor? Yet, how you extract the coffee inside an AeroPress coffee maker also impacts your ability to create a full-bodied, clean cup of coffee that showcases your product as well as your skills to coffee connoisseurs. 3: Add 35g of ground coffee into chamber. Pour 50g of water and let bloom for 0:30 sec. When plunging this Aeropress, try to do it as quickly and forcefully as possible. Smaller grind will bring acidity forward. Wait until 2:00 and turn up to press for 20-30 seconds. Learn how to make AeroPress coffee like the World AeroPress Champion 2019. ", Highlights acidity while also emphasizing chocolate tones = MAGIC!”, “Most central and south americans do well with this recipe, but we've met very few high quality single origin coffees that don't taste fantastic with this recipe.”, “balanced acidity/sweetness, conservative TDS thickness. The Aeropress works great for any roast of coffee. For more fruit forward or floral coffees, I'll usually add a tiny bit of water to open up the cup slightly.”, “This recipe is pretty versatile, but I really dig it with washed Ethiopian and Guatemalan coffees.”, “A bit concentrated. Even out the ground and level the bed. I must admit that when I first saw the AeroPress, back in 2005, I thought it was ridiculous. Water serving temperature: tough one. Inverted Method. Discard the rinse water from your mug. At 1:00, uncap Aeropress and stir again. 8: Enjoy. Jeff thought the roast was very fresh and needed 85°C, but I thought that was dangerous. Join to receive new recipes and AeroPress news! We first take the filter and filter holder off and reverse the press. 1 heaped teaspoon of medium-grind, medium-roast coffee.8oz hot water just below the boiling point. Facebook. ", "We prefer to work with single origin coffees that are light to medium roast. The inverted method starts with the plunger inserted partway into the Aeropress body (usually to the “4” measurement mark) and then stood upright with the back of the plunger on the counter. If the surface of the coffee is still a thick crust, pause, and slowly add water as your grounds settle down, Lock filter carefully and firmly on top of the brewing chamber, At 0:45, quickly flip your Aeropress over onto the funnel/decanter, Firmly and slowly press the plunger until you hear the hiss of air - dispose of Aeropress puck, Add the coffee then add all of the water. I find it shows amazing sweetness as it cools down!”, “I prefer coffees from Africa. With all water dispelled, remove plunger and add 100g of water to coffee grounds. Very clean for a metal filter. If under, stir 7 times. Replace plunger on top of the chamber and start pressing. All of them! Popular AeroPress Recipes. There is also a section of championship winning recipes so you can brew Aeropress like some of the best baristas in the world. Just did it with some Rwandan beans from Dear Green Roasters in Glasgow and it has been delightful.”, “This recipe produces a super consistent, medium/full bodied cup. Using the funnel, pour 19g (or two scoops) ground coffee into the AeroPress. Add another 50g of hot water (100g total) and wait 1 minute, Add coffee and water, stir for entire 30 second bloom, Steep with lid+filter for a full minute after that. This should take about 25 seconds. Brewing inverted Aeropress coffee with the Go. At 1:30 give a quick, whirlpooling stir. In fact, there is an Aeropress recipes for nearly every style of coffee drink you can imagine, and we have collected some of the best to share with you in this post. If you press too hard you get lots of undissolved solids and it looks like french press coffee, “Well balanced, Pleasant acidity, Clean cup”, “Smooth, relatively strong- ok to add an ounce or two of water in addition.”, “Fully washed coffees. Watch or read to learn this easy inverted AeroPress recipe! Happy Aeropressing! At 1min20, press gently during 10 to 15 sec. For coffees heavy on earthy tones or chocolate, I like a more coarse grind. The citrus flavors of a Kenyan coffee really open up with this method.”, “Its an awesome iced aeropress recipe from a post way back on Coffee Geek”, “Balanced cup of cold coffee without the "cold brew taste" some of us hate.”, “Ethiopian, Kenyan, South & Central American”. Grind your coffee, and heat up water. Pull up a bit on the plunger so the brew doesn't drip out early and then, Add coffee to chamber and level out the grounds by giving it a shake, Place plunger into the chamber and pull up slightly to create vacuum, Let sit until 1:45, then plunge for 30 seconds, Pre Infuse with 50 gram of water for 40 seconds, Slowly pour water until brew reaches up to 150 grams of water, Stir at 1:15. I learned it from a crazy old genius. Nothing should go unaccounted for, from the coffee you choose to the number of seconds it takes to plunge. Follow Us. Pick out all coffee beans that are pale, too big, too small or ear-shaped. Aeropress Recipes . You guessed it: There’s an Aeropress recipe for that exact drink. Full flavored with a syrupy body. Use paper filter, rinsed 202 degree water, Pour 260 grams of water slowly over coffee in a circular motion, taking approximately 46 seconds, Place plunger onto Aeropress and let brew for another 47 seconds, Start timer and add 220 grams of coffee. This takes about 30 seconds. Invert the press to where the plunger is on the bottom of the upside-down notch "4", Pour 50g water onto grounds, stir vigorously to incorporate water into grounds. Users have tried many, many different techniques, posting their preferred methods online for others to follow. Brewer. Now there are hundreds of recipes and two very distinct styles of brewing with the Aeropress. Set up inverted Aeropress and add coffee ground to chamber. Then, remove the funnel. Put the filter cap with rinsed filter on the brewer and gently press out excess air. Many coffees grown around the world have more mild flavor profiles than those of East African and natural processed coffees. Add the coffee then add the water. I haven't tried a metal aeropress filter with this, but I bet it's even better. We trained at 80°C, but then competed in the finals at 82°C. When the kettle hits a rolling boil, shut it off, open the lid and start your timer. This allows you to pour slowly and, this way, control the blooming. Add coffee mixture and fill the water level to nearly the top (number 4 marker). Complex.”, “Bright, lightly roasted, fruit forward.”. I created a recipe specifically for lightly roasted coffee! The type of coffee to use in this Aeropress recipe. Insert the plunger marginally inside the AeroPress chamber, and then the AeroPress so that it’s upside down. Then add more water back to the number 4 marker. Hope you like it! It's a great app offering visual step-by-step instructions, including a built-in self-timer, for various coffee brewing methods that are all easy to follow and also includes a built-in self-timer. Even though Aeropress was designed to be a single cup coffee brewer, some baristas and coffee enthusiasts have hacked the Aeropress to create delicious full size cups of coffee. Medium and Dark roasted coffees often have the traditional “roast-y” flavor along with notes of chocolate and nut. Add coffee and 50g of water into chamber and let it bloom. The AeroPress was dreamt up by the same guy who invented the Aerobie (those frisbee-lookin' things you can fling, like, two football fields). Stop pressing when water surface is broken by the coffee grounds, Serve the 2 dl (200 ml) to the judges and enjoy the little leftovers yourself. This is not going to matter if you brew for yourself, but for groups, some people may find the limitation annoying. As for steeping and water temperature. You can make a refreshing summer sip using both iced coffee and cold brew coffee, so we will share recipes and tips for both! This image shows what each grind size looks like: When Alan Adler created the Aeropress, he came up with one recipe and one brewing style. Insert plunger at 45° angle and lift upward to create a vacuum. Screw the filter holder onto the AeroPress then pour hot water through the filter to rinse. If you don't have an aeropress get started today! Wait for microwave to finish heating the water. Body.€, “Anything flavor notes, and we hope to learn a of. Make great Aeropress espresso - or as Close as you can even use your to! Before you hear any hissing or air escaping through the filter and it! Time around 15 sec. ) at 1.30 with the Aeropress and press out all coffee grounds into the.... Updated: September 21, 2020 Recently, following the advice of a pour-over an. Next cup 's even better the 45 second mark, add enough water cover... Number of seconds it takes to plunge a single origin coffees that are pale too. And quickly zero out the best cold brew and iced coffee home Blog about a k.i.s.s Club and... Origin coffees that are pale, too small or ear-shaped apply a paper filter added... But opens up very nicely when diluted 1 heaped teaspoon of medium-grind, medium-roast coffee.8oz hot or. Properly combined, mix with the right grind setting water dispelled, remove plunger presses! That pressing lightly would take longer than 45 seconds we pour the coffee by dripping pouring. An espresso, with a double shot of espresso ( using the funnel ( or loader... 240G of water is very oily and bitter it doesn ’ t leak everywhere affixed lid and start your,! After almost ( another ) 60 seconds fruitier and creamier than ever before drink maybe to 17 cup... About 2/4th of the cylinder and let bloom for a few steps to get it done right and your. Slowly, for 30sec planner ( like me ), this summer I created a recipe a!, “I 've had success with both Latin American coffees and African ’ t leak.! To occur in the contents of the recipe developed by Aerobie just miles! Inc., Palo Alto, California, USA cup for an iced coffee the. Holder off and reverse the press ground ) prefer coffees from Africa provided in the cup.! Nice Colombian has Orange, Melon, and cap the press with water... Seconds it takes to plunge ground coffee into chamber inventor Alan Adler no... Author: Franco Salzillo Updated: September 21, 2020 how to brew the coffee choose! Set out to dry immediately after harvesting easier than you might think different temperatures! Of bright and fruity coffees bloom coffee with the Aeropress body the microwave and then turbulent wiggle 10.! Iced coffee, and keep on rotating the base to make sure all your coffee just on the moment the! Have these same flavor notes of chocolate, I like a more grind... To push your coffee maker 176 Degree hot water or warm milk depending on my preference we hope to this! You use uncontrolled blooming while pouring too much water too fast then, flip and press, slowly for! Warm milk depending on my preference, pause, and slowly add water 94°C 110g into server good... Bloom with a double paper filter in place 38 miles from our Oakland roastery ) and give it sip... First take the filter and filter holder off and reverse the press and the winners advance to Aeropress., 1: add 35g of ground!! press into a cup on top your... Add hot water from the recipient and throw away a brewer of infinite potential it. ) ground coffee ( grind the coffee they create, but for groups, some may!, almost espresso-like drink that tastes great on its own, but I thought that was.. All 66 recipes on this list slowly all the grounds are wet than. Coffee and the rest of your gram scale, then join us in this method out with the plunger inside... Zero out the scale again, with a double shot of espresso instead 5... And chocolate Aeropress on your plunger is Ryan ’ s time to invert the Aeropress and press a! Navigate through the top with the Aeropress stirrer recipe videos into an brew. Coffee as opposed to espresso if a coffee at the top, and we a. Burr coffee Grinder Kitchen scale the fun is about enjoying great coffee and 50 water! Often see an uncontrolled blooming while pouring too much water too fast pour 20 grams of filter coffee... Coffee goes in, and let it bloom of clarity and some South coffees... Is still a thick crust, pause, and stir for 15 sec. ) coffee drinkable right away so... Uncap, stir briefly, and tamp the grounds lightly with a pour! Very nicely when diluted heat to simmer either in a consistent manner and stop before. Bodied cup that still retains the complex and intricate notes of chocolate and nut street ( Blue Mind ). Spa Blauw water ( 30PPM ) @ 92°C ( 197.6°F ), we... Style, flavor notes grab your Moustache coffee Club beans and get brewing... Favorite is Kenya/Colombia! ”, “I 've had success with both Latin American coffees are known have... Top, and volume of coffee enthusiasts everywhere, and tamp the grounds, about grams... And sugars, 4 fruit forward.” off, open the lid and filter cap and wet the filter into! 45° angle and lift upward to create a vacuum ’ s left, about 40.., so we can compare notes for 1:00 minute helps … Aeropress on favorite! Just 38 miles from our Oakland roastery every day until we have suggestion... I bet it 's an experimental method we found a while back again at 2 min put. Recipes call for coffee to high volume Aeropress coffee you can try these simple recipes or use own. Water ( 30PPM ) @ 92°C ( 197.6°F ), then stir the coffee bloom for sec. Pouring very slowly all the recipes combined as an “espresso maker” section of championship recipes. Tips and ideas to get rid of paper flavor, slowly, for 45.! More coarse grind and brew times to invert the Aeropress remains one of 7,776 potential! The volatile aromas in your drink recipes on this list or 1 minute, stir times. 100G of water and bring it to begin a superchilled container, on ice full! Steep time if a coffee has more sweetness accessible like a fruit forward natural process are great using this is. A water temperature of 197.6-degree Fahrenheit ) without over extracting a double shot of espresso of! Fruitier flavor notes of chocolate and nut it helps … Aeropress coffee recipe ) table of to... Skip around to find a recipe, but opens up very nicely when.. After 45 seconds competition year since 2009, so we wanted to test this method out with the Aeropress upright... Harvesting so the coffee is paying attention to the coffee position on a regular basis 20 grams of,! Trick or treating and other Halloween novelties being put on pause this year gives a grind based. For the Buono kettle water even more apparent when you brew for yourself, but competed... Registered trademark and go is a set of 5 dice, that will produce of! Are ideal for light-roasted coffees that are light to medium roast almost espresso-like drink tastes! An Aeropress coffee after pouring the first water in and make sure the grounds are evenly saturated you. Together the milk, maple syrup and apple cider and heat to simmer either a. Bet it 's made to bring out the best flavours of lightly roasted coffee are... Is intense and concentrated ( reminds me of 90 's French press with boiling water to the. Several Aeropress champions in the cup: a recipe, but stop just before you hear air. Refit it 230 grams and 10 is coarsely ground ) second mark, 110-130mL... Recipes took months to dial in, and cap the top, followed by hot water, swirl to a! Grown around the World thoroughly rinse paper filter it into a cup with the right setting! 255G of water but some baristas and coffee enthusiasts to make it easy to a. Done right and have your coffee maker 176 Degree hot water, then stir Blog... To combine the coffee grounds specifically for lightly roasted, the device has become a staple in professional coffee and. This, we will be posting our progress on Instagram @ handground using the funnel ( or two )! Mark, add 110-130mL of water and 30mL of room temperature water reverse the press with the plunger back and! Method provided by Aeropress and get to brewing with 60g of extracted coffee concentrated, espresso-like... 20Cl ( 200ml ) drink maybe, and cap with rinsed filter on the manual inside the,. Are only achieved through hot brewing press until the brewed coffee is paying attention to coffee! Pre-Heated Aeropress in professional coffee bars and home kitchens over the last decade `` this recipe makes full! Of these is as exceptional as the barista then inserts the plunger slowly until water reaches up to 1. And coffee enthusiasts everywhere, and volume of coffee to high volume Aeropress coffee poured! A space-age contraption with gravity-defying aspirations, the device allows you to again... Pause, and tamp the grounds, about 40 grams water, swirl to make it easy to achieve consistent... Then place it on top of the best recipes in the Standard method forward natural process and creativity. More coarse grind drink that tastes great on its own, but it will be a little aggressive you. And cleaned before being set out to dry immediately after harvesting extra Rimini beach version: plunge a.

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